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  • Coffee Subscription
    When you subscribe to coffee we will start your subscription and ship out your first subscription immediately. Subsequent orders will continue every four weeks. If you received a subscription as a gift or need to make any changes to your subscription (adding additional bags, changing address, change payment method, pausing or cancelling, etc.) you may login to your account and make all needed changes to your subscription or email us at
  • Coffee
    Our coffee is roasted bi-weekly. We are shipping fresh or appropriately rested coffee in each order. Depending on the offering and our weekly cupping results, some coffees are shipped directly after roasting and some are laid down for a rest period to achieve peak flavor. Contrary to popular marketing, most coffees taste their best several days (can be up to several weeks) after roasting.
  • Partnering & Collaborating
    We partner with select cafes and brands each quarter. If you would like to discuss wholesale or brand collaborations, please contact us to set up a conversation, cupping or to receive samples.
  • Shipping
    We ship out orders Mon-Sat. It can take up to 48 hours to process your order but often orders can be packaged and shipped same or next day (excluding Sunday). Shipping times vary depending on your location and national holidays (and the pandemic has caused unusual shipping delays) but we are shipping you fresh coffee and will time your order so that your coffee can offgas while in transit. We are not responsible for shipments once they have left our facility but our production team is always available to help you figure out a solution to a lost package. ​ You will receive an order notification when you place your order and a shipping notification when your order ships. Please contact us if you did not receive a notification within 48 hours of placing your order. ​ We do not ship International orders. ​ Email us at
  • Returns
    We cannot accept returns or refunds on coffee beans but we can make you happy so contact us if you have any problems with your coffee order. ​ For all non-coffee items, if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us and we will arrange a return or refund for defective, unused or damaged items. Please email us with an image of your item that clearly shows a defect or transit damage along with your original order number.
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